Monday, December 5, 2011


Has not been a good day. At least, most of it hasn't. I feel discouraged, defeated, worthless. All because of a comment made. I'm a simple person. I do not have a great IQ nor do I have a strong mind. I am quite scatter brained and frazzled. I do not communicate well. I stumble over my words. I think too highly if myself but I never live up to those expectations. I am defeated. Broken. But I'm not worthless in the eyes of my Savior. Isn't His the only opinion that really matters? It's His I need to focus on. It's HIM I need to focus on. When I feel defeated and worthless I can count on my Savior to remove my burdens & lift me up. To encourage my feeble & failing mind. 

-Originally written November 19, 2011

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beka said...

it's good to know i'm not alone.
gosh, it's not every day that you read someone else is struggling to see themselves as Christ sees them...not just as how they feel.