Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Day Later

This is me. At 37 weeks pregnant. I am now one day later in my pregnancy with Chickpea than I was with Goober Pie. When will she come? Only time will tell... But I'm ready to meet her!

Shower of Blessings

Baby showers.
We've all been to them. They are fun. Games are played. Gifts are given. The Mama-to-be is honored, doted upon, and spoiled.
Today I was the Mama-to-be. The wonderfully sweet ladies of my church honored me with a baby shower for Chickpea. It was the best baby shower I've ever been to! When we walked in the door, the dining room was all set up with fine china, napkins folded like cloth diapers. The living room was swarming with busy helpers. There were decorations, pink and girly up. There was a clothesline with money pinned all around. The kitchen held ladies busy prepping food. Someone shouted "Guests are starting to arrive!" In the next hour couches were sat upon and visiting was happening. Then, a prayer and meal. Chickpea's first tea party. China tea sets at every place. A beautiful cabinet all arranged with tea. Fluffy pink punch. Food. Quiches, fruit, homemade, divine and beautifully decorated cupcakes. Chocolate covered strawberries. Veggie tray. YUM.
After a delicious meal, the games ensued. They were delightfully played, and fun was had by everyone! Then, on to presents. Each one, a blessing. Each one meeting a need. Each one specifically and specially picked out just for Chickpea.
What a blessed time with special people. Each woman, girl and child there was so appreciated. Each showing their love and support for my growing family.
I have never felt more special or blessed than I did today. It was so humbling! I can't wait to share this treasure, this blessing, with other Mama-to-be's in the future!
A baby shower.
Truly a blessing. Showered upon ME. =0)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting Ready

My poor blog.  My poor subscribers! Life has been so crazy that I've all but abandoned writing posts. By the time nap time rolls around I usually decide to nap too. Or when I don't have a toddler, aka Goober Pie crawling all over me trying to press buttons, it's bedtime, and I'm worn out and ready for sleep myself.  So here sits my blog, day after day, night after lonely night, waiting on me to come back.  Haha. Not that life is going to slow down or all.  I can barely find time to indulge in any of my hobbies or interests the way life is now.  I guess that's not completely true...I just don't MAKE the time. Maybe having 2 kids will teach me how to better use my "free" time? We'll see.

So I've been getting ready. Cleaning, organizing, washing, shopping, hanging, purging, nesting, nesting and nesting getting ready to welcome our next child into our lives! Chickpea, as SHE is so lovingly called. Her name is actually Rowan. Rowan Kaye, and she's due March 15. As in 3 weeks from tomorrow. But, if she's anything like Goober Pie, she might decide to come early. (He was 2.5 weeks early, which was fine by me. You'll know why one of these days when I finish his birth story...speaking of which, I need to get on that!)
I'm so excited to have a girl!! Having a boy has been SO FUN. Don't get me wrong. But there's just SO MUCH STUFF for girls! Cute, adorable, makes me want to be a baby again, sort of stuff. The clothes. Oh, the clothes. How fun are they? I'm in love with the stuff!
I can't wait to meet our little girl! What will she look like? Who will she look like? What color will her hair be? And yes, we actually know that she's going to have hair!
I've been under the care of a wonderful midwife group, the UNT Midwife Group and with them, we're planning (Lord Willing) on having a water birth. Which I am very excited about! I've always wanted a water birth, and am so thankful to have the opportunity to have one! We are planning on delivering at a local hospital. Their tubs are nice-we went and looked! Anyways, back to the knowing Chickpea has hair. I've been measuring behind by 2-3 weeks my whole pregnancy, so out of a let's get things checked out, we don't think there's anything wrong situation, I was sent to a Perinatologist to have a sonogram done to make sure Chickpea's growth was on track. It is. She's just fine. I'm just a carrier of small babies. But anyways, they could tell in the sonogram that she's going to have hair! Fun stuff!
At this point, as I type this, I'm hours from being 37 weeks pregnant, and I'm so ready to have this baby and meet my daughter! My hormones have been raging out of control my whole pregnancy, but man oh man, they have been SO BAD lately. My husband is so long suffering with me. I know I must be irritating him to no end, but he seems to take it in stride and often makes jokes about how cranky I am. A good man I have as I spouse, let me tell you!
Goober Pie is very aware that I'm pregnant. He's aware that I have a baby in my belly. "RoRo" as he so lovingly and sweetly calls his sister. I'm endlessly praying that he adjusts to being a big brother well. We are dealing with MAJOR attitude problems with him. His depraved, sinful nature is just rearing it's ugly head. Breaks my heart how he is acting. Discourages me. Frustrates me to no end. He is constantly NOT obeying a word I say, and he is dealing with his own anger and the only way he knows how to express it is through hitting. Which he does all day everyday. He hits me, the couch, the floor, the fridge, the dog, the cat. It doesn't matter, if it's within his range and his will is being thwarted, or sometimes even when it's not, he hits. We've been working with him and trying to be as consistent as we can in our disciplining. I've also been telling him and instructing him that when he gets mad and wants to hit, to pray. I've been saying simple prayers, and having him repeat what he can. It seems to help. Until five minutes later he hits again...
Pray for me, will you? And for our family as we make this transition into becoming a family of 4. Parents of 2. We need all the prayers and help we can get!