Saturday, December 10, 2011

Glamorous Parenting

Sometimes parenting isn't as glamorous as it may seem. You have bad days. You are dealing with another sinful human. A little one. One whom it is your duty to raise and teach right from wrong and when they're in the wrong, to lovingly correct them and set them right again. Today has been a not so glamorous day. Goober Pie seems to be in a phase where he literally almost hates me. He hates my instruction, he won't listen to it. He sometimes hates me as a person and lashes out, hitting, screaming, kicking, pushing, pulling my hair and scratching me. He hates that my attention is sometimes given to Chickpea, his sister. He hates if my attention is given to my phone. Which I've been staying off of as much as possible the last few days to avoid any attention getters that are not so nice. Not only can he not be nice to me, but he can't be nice to his sister, either. Constantly doing something mean to her. And the dog. And the cat. The only person he's not mean to? His Daddy. Thank God for his Daddy. He keeps him straight. And when I'm at my literal wit's end with Goober Pie, Daddy steps in and saves the day. He can with just a few words make him obey. While I tried all afternoon. It's totally not fair, but it is what it is. I'm constantly praying for me to have patience in dealing with Goober Pie, and for his behavior towards me to change. I also have him pray. I'm praying that this is just a phase. He is teething, and teething tends to make a monster come out of him. I'm also trying to get on his level, and have screen free time spent with him either reading, playing with his toys, or doing something else constructive. Overall my feelings are hurt. What?! By a 2.5 year old. Yep. It's the truth. I want him to want to be nice to me. I want to see that he can behave. I want to see that he can be calm and nice in his home, with his family. Other people tell me that's he's well behaved when he's with them. Why do I get all the brunt of the bad behavior? I'm at my wit's end. Today was hard. Parenting is not glamorous when you're raising depraved children and you yourself are depraved! But I'm going to keep on keeping on, going to keep praying, and keep training up my son in the way he should be brought up according to God's Word. And I'm going to hold on to the tiny shred of hope that one day, he will respect me. He will respect my instruction and teaching. He will show me kindness. He will be the sweet little boy that I know that he can be. And he CAN be sweet. Interspersed in all this crazy behavior, he's giving me hugs, kisses, and telling me that he loves me. He shares with Chickpea, gives her hugs, kisses, and her paci, makes her laugh.
In the end I know that this is just a phase, and that he's never a lost cause and that the endless effort, tears, frustrations & prayers I put into parenting Goober Pie WILL pay off.

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