Monday, September 2, 2013

The Saga Continues...

Remember when I wrote about Rowan's seizure? She had all the tests done and everything came back pretty normal except for two things: the right ventricle of her brain is larger than the left. Our neurologist is not concerned about it and the tests showed that there is no damage in the brain. And she has an "under classified" Chiari Malformation. It is supposedly "under classified" because it does not quite meet the measurements for a type 1 Malformation. It is about 5mm off from qualifying. 
Anyways, we were told all is fine but call or come back if you have any questions or if this keeps happening.

It has kept happening. Rowan has fallen a handful of times, the majority being that she hit the back of her head, and has had a seizure or seizure like reaction. It. Is. SCARY. She passes out. She stops breathing (I think). She is limp and unresponsive. Sometimes she convulses. Sometimes her lips are pasty and blue. It only lasts a short while-seconds to a couple of minutes, but it is the scariest thing Joseph (DH) and I have ever dealt with. Since it has kept happening we decided it best to take her back to her PCP who referred us back to the neurologist we had seen before. He also thinks she could have some soft of seizure disorder. He encouraged Joseph and I to document and possibly record these episodes, take a CPR course and to take cookies and introduce ourselves, but especially Rowan, to our local fire station and the paramedics there, so if they ever need to come to our house because of her again, they'll have an impression made. 

We go see the neurologist tomorrow morning. Please be in prayer for us. I want some answers. I want to know why it happens and how we can stop it happening in the future. It complicates life. It's scary. 
Medical stuff makes me nervous... I just need to make it a matter of prayer and trust God in this matter. Lay it all out before Him. He knows. 

That's all for now. (0=  

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