Monday, September 2, 2013

Life Is Good

Life is good, bust insanely busy. I haven't been able to keep up with this blog. At all. But I'm hoping I can start up again...

Quick update:

Rowan (Chickpea) is 2.5! Already. Where does time go? She's coming more alive to her silly, crazy, cute, sweet, mischievous personality everyday.

Kirby (Goober Pie) is getting bigger and smarter each day. You can carry on a conversation with him. He's like a mini adult. He acts like one, too. He is still very mischevious & is always keeping me on my toes!!

And on February 8, 2013, we were blessed to add another member to our family! Jodin Daniel Columbus joined us. He's six months old already and is HUGE. Oh, and he's a super laid back, sweet eyed boy that we all love.

We also bought a house. It's absolutely perfect for us and has lots of room and lots of potential!
Dh is still in school getting a degree in animation. He'll be done (THANK GOD!!!) in March 2014.

A lot is the same. A lot is different.

I'll work on keeping the blog up to speed on what's going on in life... (0=


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