Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Perfect Job

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I have a job. I am a glorified babysitter. Yep, you heard me right! A full out, glorified babysitter. And I love it.  Want to know why I love it? 
I work for a family whose teenage son started homeschooling last year. He is doing online course work through Connections Academy. They needed someone to come and stay with him during the day. Not so much to supervise, but just for help with schoolwork. I found out about the opportunity through my sister's husband's family. The family I work for is related to my brother-in-law and his family. I had just had my son, Goober Pie, in June, and this opportunity came up in August. It was perfect for me. I'd always wanted to be a SAHM, but this gave me the opportunity to help out another family, help out our family, and I had the freedom to take Goober Pie with me. So I talked to the head of the household one evening to get the scoop and told him about Goober Pie and he was more than happy to offer their family's assistance in whatever I needed as far as anything for the baby. We set up a meeting for our families. We were warmly greeted when we arrived at my future boss' house. I got the grand tour and the low down on the house where I'd be working. Also, the Mother of the family and I talked about breastfeeding. She was so excited that I was breastfeeding and had breastfeed and co-slept with both of her children. She said me breastfeeding was not a problem, cover or no cover. (At this point in my breastfeeding journey, I was still using a cover because that's what made ME the most comfortable!) I was so happy at their reaction about my breastfeeding-they made me feel so welcome to be able to feed my son the way that I believe God intended women to. They also were curious and supported me in cloth diapering! When I started working for the family, I was breastfeeding every couple of hours and using my cover. The longer I worked and the older my son got, I became more comfortable (and skilled!) at feeding without a cover, which is what I do now. I have never gotten any sort of uncomfortable vibe from anyone about my breastfeeding.  Even the 13 year old young man I stay with. He understands my son's need to eat and understands that I breastfeed him. I appreciate his positive attitude towards me and my son about this very much. He has never seem bothered by it nor does it seem to gross him out. That, in my opinion, is VERY cool in this day and age! We talk, we do schoolwork, he eats, etc all while Goober Pie breastfeeds. It's been a fabulous job, I love the family and love the ease of my job. I'm basically there, playing with Goober Pie, until I need to answer questions, help with experiments, go on field trips, run school related errands, etc. All in the comfort of a home who supports my efforts of breastfeeding. And, I'm going back for another school year this coming August! 

Yeah, you could say I have the perfect job...but I don't want to brag... ;0)

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CrunchyVTMommy said...

wow you do have an amazing job! good for you, goober, and what sounds like - that awesome family. How perfect and yes I am supppper jealous :O)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could find a job like that!