Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I love gardens.  I always have.  I think I always will.  My Grandmother (Mom's Mom) had gorgeous gardens at her house and my parents always had some sort of garden so I grew up surrounded by gardens and gardeners.  It's my dream one day to have an extensive garden.  I want flowers.  I want Herbs.  I want Vegetables.  I may even want fruit trees.  I want to harvest and cultivate my green thumb.  Yep, one day-when I have a house of my own!

I have a small front "flowerbed" where I live right now.  Since we moved in over a year ago it has undergone some massive changes.  It was full of weeds-it is now all weeded, with a screen on it to prevent weeds from further coming up, and lots of mulch.  I also planted all kinds of flowers in it.  I sure hope they grow.  I did a hodge podge of flowers.  Plus-Morning Glories! I have a wall on the back side of my flowerbed, perfect for Morning Glories to climb up.  My Mom has always had Morning Glories in her side yard, trailing up the fences.  They are gorgeous! There's something about flowers, about gardening that is so peaceful and relaxing.  It relieves stress.  It allows you to breathe deeply.  It makes you stop and literally smell the roses.  It can help de-stress you.  It can energize you.  It can help you feel better.  It allows you to soak up the sun, good 'ol Vitamin D!

Over the weekend I required some plants.  I got some Thyme, Oregano, Chocolate Mint, and Rosemary from our local Farmers Market.
My Mom purchased me 4 beautiful Petunia Plants for part of my Easter present.  I plan on potting them all and keeping them alive!

I want to continue to garden and hopefully pass on my love of gardening to my children!

Once my flowers start growing I'll post pictures.

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