Saturday, January 30, 2010

The First

So this is my first blog post ever.  Be patient with me, I'm new to the blogging world!

As I sit back and reflect on my week-it's been really hard...sleepless nights with a fussy babe who had an ear infection, a sick husband, findind out my Mother has breast cancer, many frustrations from being tired, etc.

But this week has also been good! Taxes are done and our return on its way, spending time with my family, video chatting my sister who is currently in Cali with her husband's job, Thrift Store shopping with my Granny, grocery shopping at Costco (yes I am that freak of nature that LIKES grocery shopping)...

In this blog I hope to give you a glimpse into my life as I try to balance Motherhood and all it's joys, and how everyday I learn how to be more "crunchy".  Or as my Dad calls it, growing "beads and moccasins".

I hope to blog about life up until now, my walk with God and what He's teaching me, my husband, how we met, our pregnancy stories, my natural delivery, my son, my love of all things natural and green...

For now I think I'm going to sign off and join my slumbering babe beside me...

Goodnight, world!

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beka said...

I think it's fun to check out the first post ever when I start looking at a blog. hehe.
I came over from Chana's Mamma Town....from the heart-ripping post.
I hope to read more of your blog sometime---I'm going to find the post about you and your hubby meeting, etc, hopefully soon, if there is one! I love stories about that. :)