Saturday, July 30, 2011

Deep Belly Laughs

Favorite Sound?

Daddy induced belly laughs from my toddler as they play around.

Daddy induced belly giggles from my sweet little girl as he playfully gobbles her belly up.

Oh, how it really makes my <3 melt.


beka said...

sweetest thing ever.
nothing like a darling, short post. ;)

angie on maui said...

Hi Whitney, I am visiting you from Beka's blog today. I read your guest post and wanted to swing by and say hello to the charming girl whose love for all-things-vintage began at the tender age of 13 (I find that to be so adorable). :)

I *love* the corner chair - so unique! I think you were right to scoop it up like you did...and how nice of your MIL to recover it for you!

I enjoyed your guest post! Have a beautiful week!