Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shower of Blessings

Baby showers.
We've all been to them. They are fun. Games are played. Gifts are given. The Mama-to-be is honored, doted upon, and spoiled.
Today I was the Mama-to-be. The wonderfully sweet ladies of my church honored me with a baby shower for Chickpea. It was the best baby shower I've ever been to! When we walked in the door, the dining room was all set up with fine china, napkins folded like cloth diapers. The living room was swarming with busy helpers. There were decorations, pink and girly up. There was a clothesline with money pinned all around. The kitchen held ladies busy prepping food. Someone shouted "Guests are starting to arrive!" In the next hour couches were sat upon and visiting was happening. Then, a prayer and meal. Chickpea's first tea party. China tea sets at every place. A beautiful cabinet all arranged with tea. Fluffy pink punch. Food. Quiches, fruit, homemade, divine and beautifully decorated cupcakes. Chocolate covered strawberries. Veggie tray. YUM.
After a delicious meal, the games ensued. They were delightfully played, and fun was had by everyone! Then, on to presents. Each one, a blessing. Each one meeting a need. Each one specifically and specially picked out just for Chickpea.
What a blessed time with special people. Each woman, girl and child there was so appreciated. Each showing their love and support for my growing family.
I have never felt more special or blessed than I did today. It was so humbling! I can't wait to share this treasure, this blessing, with other Mama-to-be's in the future!
A baby shower.
Truly a blessing. Showered upon ME. =0)

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